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Frequently asked questions

How it works

What is Mobley?

How do your leases work?

What are your available lease terms?

Is there a monthly minimum?

What happens after I place my order?

What happens once the lease is over?

Can I buy the items at the end of my lease?

Is there a lease agreement, can I see it?

What if I need to terminate my lease?

Delivery & pickup

Where do you deliver?

Do you deliver to New Jersey?

Do I have to pay for delivery and assembly?

What is the expected delivery time of the order?

Can I place my order for a later delivery date?

Can you provide a C.O.I. for my building?

How do pickups work?

What if I need to reschedule?

My building is a walk-up, can I still get Mobley?

Can I add items after I've received my order?


Will the items I receive be new or used?

What if I damage an item?


How does billing work?

Can I change my card on file?

Refunds & returns

What happens if I face any issue with my products?

What is the return policy?

COVID-19 Policies

Can I still have furniture delivered?

What if I have a scheduled pickup or delivery?