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How We Are Creating Change

Posted by Lauren Evans on

To our Community and Customers,

The past two weeks have been a painful reminder of the stark inequalities in our society and pushed our team to think about the actions we can take to support communities of color.

To help build a more just, peaceful future, we are undertaking the following actions:

  • Committing to maintaining diversity in our company as we expand our team
  • Continuing to donate our furniture to those in communities in need 
  • Sourcing furniture and home accessories from black-owned and minority-led businesses so that our collection better reflects the diversity in New York City that we aim to celebrate
  • Starting a mentorship program within the company to better equip underprivileged youth in our community with the tools to navigate school, college, career and life decisions

In addition, our team is working hard to educate ourselves, confront our prejudices and have the difficult conversations that we believe foster personal growth. Some of us are donating time, others money, but we are all actively looking for opportunities to create systemic change. If you have any suggestions or recommendations we’d love to hear from you.

While a small startup today, we have bold aspirations. We believe that the actions we take now set our path forward. We believe that taking action against injustice cannot wait. We believe the words of Jane Elliot, that "to sit back and do nothing is to cooperate with the oppressor." As a minority-founded and led startup in NYC, we are committed to growth with this in mind.


Team Mobley